Storey @ Lancaster

LitfestFrom the Woods @ Lancaster

Date and Time: Thursday 24th November 7:30pm

Venue: The Storey Auditorium, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1TH, England

Tickets: £9.50 full/£8 Concession – tickets available online here or In person/by phone: Lancaster Visitor Information Centre, The Storey, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster, 01524 582394 (Monday – Saturday 10am-4pm)

‘From the Woods’

Finland is a land of endless forests and thousands of lakes. The forest is sacred, but it’s the edge of the civilized area, an unknown and frightening place. The vast wilderness has always been full of strange beings. The Devil might be lurking behind the trees; other creatures are watching from the undergrowth. Which are good and which are bad? And how can you be sure?

Markus weaves these traditional tales from his native Finland with narratives from his own life. The result is a string of stories about love, about death, and about dreaming, told in Markus’ down-to-earth and dynamic style. He combines dark Finnish humour with beautiful imagery and a gentle finger on the pulse of the human condition.

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3Troubadours – Mobile Dreams

– kiertueella Belgiassa ja Alankomaissa –

Mobile Dreams on runollinen, hauska ja lämminhenkinen tarinankerrontaesitys ihmisen jatkuvasta kaipuusta totuuteen, vapauteen ja kauneuteen. Esiintyjät kuljettavat myyttisiä ja henkilökohtaisia kertomuksia sitoen tarinat yhteen unelmien ja unien maailmaan. Kiertueella yksikään esitys ei ole samanlainen, vaan mukana on aina improvisaation mahdollisuus.

Kielet: englanti, suomi, norja ja flaami.

3Troubadours on Markus Luukkonen, Torgrim Mellum Stene (No) ja Tom Van Outryve (Be)

Kiertueen aikataulu:

21.5. Vinderhoute

22.5. Brakel

23.5. Brugge

24.5. Kapellen

24.5. Amsterdam

26.5. Gent

28.5. Belsele

29.5. Den Haag

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Tarinoita Kalevalasta


Stories from Kalevala
with Christine Cooper, Petra Poutanen, and Markus Luukkonen

23.3 at 6pm Arkadia International Bookshop, Nervanderinkatu 11, Helsinki

It’s midnight. The guts of Lemminkäinen are laid out, and a raven croaks at the back of the room. The ancient ritual of myth-telling is brought screaming into the 21st century by Christine and Petra with voices, instruments and strange machines…. Christine is a respected British storyteller, currently studying here at the Sibelius Academy. She tells the stories simply and directly, in English, evoking fragments of ancient runo-melody with her violin.. Petra is a musician without borders – she weaves dark, messy electronic sounds in and around the stories. This is Kalevala as you have never heard it before.

Free entrance – donations welcome!

Tree of Life


27 July–2 August 2014
at Västra Nylands folkhögskola, Karjaa


A symposium for everyone interested in storytelling

The Tree Of Life is an old mythical symbol of creative life forces. Where can we find this tree today? We need ways to replenish our energy, strength and inspiration to balance the breathlessly fast information culture that we live in. The art of storytelling offers ways to connect to our own creativity and imagination, to meet and inspire each other and to connect more deeply to the world around us.

At this symposium, some of the world’s best storytellers gather in Finland for the first time to share their expertise of the many possibilities healing storytelling has in the world today.

More information and a link for registration at