Timezone Story Sharing Café

Welcome to the Global Timezone Story Sharing Café!

In these times of isolation we want to reach out to the world and meet people living in different timezones to share stories together and get connected.

Story Sharing Café is an easy and fun event where people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and realities can meet and share everyday stories. So grab your coffee or tea and come and share stories and memories in small groups at our virtual coffee tables hosted by members of our Story Sharing group. We also have live music and an open storysharing mic!

Event’s language is English.


Oct 2nd 2020 at 7pm (UCT: +3:00)

Nov 7th 2020 at 8pm (UCT: +5:30)

Dec 5th 2020 at 6pm (UCT: -4:00)

Jan 15 2021 at 7pm (UCT: +1:00)

Of course everybody from everywhere else are also welcome join – Just check your local time!

There is limited space in this café so please register in advance:

We would be hosting the event on ZOOM for the best experience please download the ZOOM App. Since this is an interactive event participants are required to have the camera and video on for the event.

Organized by Story Sharing Universum project in cooperation with Theatre House Universum from Helsinki, Finland. Event is supported by Svenska Kulturfonden and Helsinki City.

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Hot Dance and Story Party


Story Sharing Café @ Lapinlahti

Welcome to a hot night of stories and dancing in Lapinlahti Friday 17.8 at 18:00!

Free entry, live music, Dj and Dancing

The Dance-Up RefuGee and Story Sharing Universum communities join forces together with Lapinlahden Lähde for a great outdoor story sharing and dance party in the middle of August. Great stories will be told. Groovy music will be played. And then we dance!

Dance-Up RefuGee creates cross cultural meetings through the joy of dancing together in the name of mutual equality and respect. We believe that Dancing together creates a common language even where there isn’t one!

Story Sharing Café is an easy and fun event where asylum seekers, immigrants and native Finns can meet and share stories together. Come and listen to stories at the coffee tables! If you wish you may freely share your everyday stories and memories in small groups led by our Story Sharing group. We will create a heartwarming and enjoyable event!

We speak at least English, Finnish, Swedish, Arabic, Dari, French, Pashto, Farsi, Russian and Dance!
The evening is hosted by Pro Lapinlahti, an open meeting point for culture and spirit.

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Kävelyllä maisemassa

PHOTO_3Troubadours_Iceland_ResidencyRoots Residenssi 

Islanti 9-20 toukokuuta 2018

Tarinankerronta kollektiivi 3Troubadousin tutkimusmatka Islantiin






We walked through lava fields

walking and talking – on rain and wind.

Meeting new friends and colleagues,

talking about stories, heritage, dreams, love

and ancestors. The landscape all the time around us.

Ancient and same time young, solid rock that seems to move

– the landscape of extremes.


Islannin residenssijakso toimi osana uuden esityksen ”Roots” työskentelyprosessia. ”Roots” kertoo perimästä, se kertoo DNA:sta, Euroopasta, ihmisyydestä ja puista. Esityksen ensi-ilta marraskuussa Puolassa (Warsaw International Storytelling Festival 2018)

PHOTO_3Troubadours_Iceland_Residency2Kiitos inspiroivista keskusteluista Felag Sagnathula!

Kiitos Nordic House Reykjavik mahdollisuudesta esittää ”Mobile Dreams” Islannissa!

Kiitos tuesta Federation for European Storytelling & Nordic Culture Point Mobility Fund!






Samovan uusi tarinaklubi Helsingissä. Joka kuukauden kolmas tai neljäs torstai vaihtuvat tarinankerronnan ammattilaiset tuovat esityksensä Teatteri Ilmi Ö:n lavalle. Kevään ohjelmassa mahtavia esityksiä Suomesta ja ulkomailta!

Teatteri Ilmi Ö, Iso Roobertinkatu 10 B

SYKSY 2017 –(Esitykset aina klo 18:00)

21.9. Antonio Van Cleave (USA) & Bhavani Kartik (Intia) (IN ENGLISH)

19.10. Kaisa Osola (SUOMEKSI)

Priimus – nimensä mittainen isosisä

30.11. Markus Luukkonen & Mikael Öberg (Ruotsi)


Vindmatel – Ilman viitta


Ennakkoliput täältä

Juhannus Irlannissa



Stories in Borderlands (21-24/6)
International Storytelling Festival (24-25/6)

FEST_FestivalAt Midsummer I’ll be joining the FEST Conference 2017– Stories In Borderlands. Finnish storytelling organization Samova Storytelling has been a member of FEST Inpo since 2013 and at this year’s conference we’ll represent Samova with my collague Ilkka Hautala. (At the same time I will represent Art in Integreation -project Story Sharing Universum” and multilingual storytelling trio 3Troubadours.) The conference will be followed by a two-day storytelling festival in Northern Ireland, where I will share a stage with some great storytellers from different parts of Europe. Looking forward to meet old and new friends and to be inspired by conversations and new ideas for collaboration. See you at Ireland!

FEST (Federation for European Storytelling) promotes the mobility of ideas and collaborations in and across Europe. By offering mechanisms for sharing, learning, advocacy and relationship building, it wishes to empower the world of storytelling. FEST is an international non-profit organisation (INPO) based in Belgium but with membership all across Europe. www.fest-network.eu

Storytelling in Borderlands – PROGRAMME
Conference workshop topics will include: Storytelling and Education; Storytelling with Refugees and New Migrants; Storytelling in Minority Languages; Storytelling and Conflict Resolution; Stories in Translation; Storytelling and Contemporary Culture; Reminiscence Work and Story-collecting from Dementia Patients; Oral and Written Stories; and more.

Kiitos tuesta TAIKE!