Story Cafe @ Turku


snow&iceStory Cafe Turku – People of Snow and Ice

Pieni Kirjapuoti, Yliopistonkatu 28, Turku 

Tiistaina 27.1. klo 18:00 


You are welcome to join us to share stories on the theme of ”people of the snow & ice”. Please feel inspired by the snow, the ice or the people! As ever the theme is a loose one, to help you to find a story but if your story is not on theme, it’s still very welcome, in any language!

The event is free, but please come early and buy something in the cafe, as they can’t stay open all evening. Bring a friend, see you there!

Järjestää: Tarinankerrontakeskus Turku – Storytelling Center Turku



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