From the Woods @ Hague

10363371_343454625810605_1767681089146045953_nDISC is proud to introduce a storytelling show by Markus Luukkonen from Finland. 

From the Woods 

~Myths and folk tales from Finland with family legends~

Tuesday, May 26th                                                                                                        Oude Molstraat 37,                          2513 BA The Hague

Finland is a country of ten thousand lakes and an endless forests. It’s a country of Epic Kalevala and a land of heroe’s like Väinämöinen, Matti and Kullervo. Markus will bring stories from the Finnish woods to DISC!! The set of stories includes dreaming, more dreaming and some facts about reality.

“I looked at the endless ocean and I realised that I’m totally in a wrong place! I realised that the image of me and my soul is more like a forest and a small swamp lake”

AND there will be a special opening performance by the participants of our Beginner’s Course who will graduate in the very same day!!

DISC opens @18:30

The show starts @ 19:00

Entrance: €10,- (in cash please)

more detail from:

DISC – Dutch International Storytelling Centre


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