Shaibalaiba – Special

DSC06556Shaibalaiba! – Story Cafe – Special 12.11. at 6pm

Stories in English

Arkadia International Bookshop Nervanderinkatu 11, Helsinki 

Storytellers: Robin DeWan, Perrine Ferrafiat and Carla-Rose Häkkinen

Open Stage – Come and tell your Story

Free entrance – Donations are welcome!

Welcome to Shaibalaiba! Story Café, a cosy gathering around stories. There have been story cafés since April 2011 in different venues in Helsinki. Customarily there are some invited storytellers who share their stories, musician guests and an open stage for anyone who has a story to tell.

At Arkadia Bookshop on 12 November the concept will be the same, except that this time Shaibalaiba! goes international: the stories will be in English! The more the merrier, so come to enjoy the magic of stories and bring your friends too!

More info: / 050-5412077


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